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DAILYSTRANGERTHINGS is very happy to announce our third edition of Stranger Things Appreciation Week. Well, kind of. To celebrate the release of the 2nd season of our beloved series, we are putting together a MONTH of appreciation.

It will happen from December 1st to December 30th and it will count with a couple days break for every 6 days of appreciation.

Since it’s more than a week as usual, we are already spreading the word about it, so you guys can take your time to create. For example, some of us will be making our submissions for STMonth like this: season 1 prompts in october; probably binge watching season 2 the moment it comes out; both and season 2 prompts in november.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN US!! We’ll be reblogging all kinds of stuff, such as gifs, edits, fan arts, fanfictions, graphics, etc.


  • DAY ONE, December 1: Season one – favorite episode
  • DAY TWO, December 2: Season one – favorite scene
  • DAY THREE, December 3: Favorite character
  • DAY FOUR, December 4: Season 2 – favorite episode
  • DAY FIVE, December 5: Season 2 – favorite scene
  • DAY SIX, December 6: Both seasons – favorite quotes
  • DAY SEVEN, December 9: Favorite female character
  • DAY EIGHT, December 10: Favorite male character
  • DAY NINE, December 11: Favorite otp
  • DAY TEN, December 12: Favorite brotp
  • DAY ELEVEN, December 13: Season one – favorite quote(s)
  • DAY TWELVE, December 14: Season two – favorite quote(s)
  • DAY THIRTEEN, December 17: Favorite location
  • DAY FOURTEEN, December 18: Season one – favorite outfit(s)
  • DAY FIFTEEN, December 19: Both seasons – favorite physical contact(s)
  • DAY SIXTEEN, December 20: Season 2 – favorite outfit(s)
  • DAY SEVENTEEN, December 21: Both seasons – favorite parallels
  • DAY EIGHTEEN, December 22: Favorite headcanon/modern au (e.g. adult mike x eleven, married nancy x jonathan/steve, different quotes in a scene, future events, etc)
  • DAY NINETEEN, December 25: Favorite hairstyle
  • DAY TWENTY, December 26: Both seasons – favorite funny/happy scene(s)
  • DAY TWENTY-ONE, December 27: Both seasons – favorite sad/emotional scene(s)
  • DAY TWENTY-TWO, December 28: Favorite family dynamic
  • DAY TWENTY-THREE, December 29: Favorite villain/monster
  • DAY TWENTY-FOUR, December 30: Free choice

If you cannot get your creations in on designated days, don’t worry. Late submissions are welcome with open arms since we know people have lives to tend to, not to mention there’s a lot more of prompts this time. Tag your creations as #stmonth within the FIRST FIVE TAGS (Please, this is important) and we’ll reblog all of them!

Any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting us via inbox or refer them to @stanseb​ and @anthonnystark​!

Please, reblog this to spread the word. And, of course, have fun, kiddos!