i just finished ep 4, i have lots of feelings. 1st, i was liking the hopper/11 or should i call her jane idk? idk how i feel. 11 missing mike and getting jealous, oh hon. i love max so far but i fucking hate whoever that guy is to her jesus christ. rip dustin’s moms cat. okay i liked steve a little before but now im really liking him and feel bad about how he reacted to when drunk nancy said she wasnt in love w/ him. POOR WILL MY SON WHEN THAT DARKNESS WENT INSIDE HIM “he likes it cold” bihhh

GOD all of this is a MOOD. el and hopper? they make me cry. Eleven getting jealous?? BINCH!! i screamed!!  that douchecanoe you’re thinking of is max’s stepbrother. AND SAME WITH THE STEVE THING HE’S MY NEW UNEXPECTED FAVE, WHAT A GUY!!

also, you’re only on episode four??  drink up binch you’re in for a ride