i never thought it would be necessary to post this, but it’s time for some fans to let Millie and Finn get on with their lives, all this crap about shipp them in real life is becoming a toxic thing, theres rumors about Millie would be dating her friend Jacob and some fans would be bothered to the point of making Millie and Jacob erase photos and comments from their own medias, y’all need to learn to separate fiction/reality if Mike and Eleven like each other on a TV show it doesn’t mean that Millie and Finn like each other in real life to the point of starting a relationship, and that’s the thing, you guys push so hard that both Finn and Millie are clearly feeling annoyed by this, Hollywood is already toxic enough, you do not need to be toxic with this shipp nonsense, invading their privacy, i hate to be that person who post this, but y’all need to stop with this, you can enjoy things but please DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE

Isn’t this like, pretty obvious?! 🙁 Stop shipping real people. Gosh.

yeah it’s pretty obvious, actually there’s nothing more obvious than this but some people, you know, they can’t or do not care about learn how to separate fiction/real life