xjournal: El Hopper → Stranger Things Winter O…


El Hopper → Stranger Things Winter Olympics AU

She’s not the most expressive with words, but put a pair of skates on her and Eleanor “El” Hopper can express anything she wants to. Having rocketed to the top of the world standings of ladies figure skating in just a little over a year; she hasn’t been on the US team for very long and many of her fellow athletes still don’t know what to make of her. In fact, pretty much most of the other athletes just think of her as “that weird creepy figure skating girl”. With her dad and coach Jim Hopper, she’ll seek to prove herself to her country and the world.

Before the Olympics even begin, she sees herself to drawn towards a certain ski crosser. And soon enough she finds herself with a new group of friends. El might be able to perfect the triple axel but can she navigate the slippery field of romantic feelings and friendship before the Olympics are over?