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Stranger Things [AU?]: The Party are all grown up and moved out on Hawkins, but they’re still just as much of a unit as ever.

Juggling work and their personal lives, the gang make sure they always have time for each other on the weekends. El, now a social worker, likes to find normalcy in her life by catching  up with her friends whenever she’s feeling drained after a long week, so Mike (a children’s book author) takes it upon himself to arrange routine hangouts at their place every Saturday through Sunday, complete with movie marathons and the occasional throwback board game. Will, now officially El’s step-brother after their parents got together some years prior, works as an illustrator and he spends a good portion of their weekend hangouts helping Mike design his covers. Max, running her own bizarre yoga/rock climbing/skateboarding leisure center with Lucas (who only works there part-time) tends to show up late equipped with wine and a week’s worth of gossip, which El totally lives for. Dustin, now an elementary school science teacher, gets picked up by Lucas on the way, and they fill the rest of the gang in on their week at the school, as Lucas is also a substitute gym teacher. Oftentimes, Dustin or Will will bring their partners into the mix, but weekends tend to remain strictly for party members only.