mikejane: “It didn’t happen all of a sudden …


“It didn’t happen all of a sudden as it might seem. That series was really a stroke of luck, arrived after two years of tireless work: commercials, auditions on auditions … We lived about thirty minutes from Los Angeles: going back and forth with the car was expensive, so my father helped me to try the scene for the audition and, if I didn’t remember all the jokes, he didn’t even accompany me, to avoid throwing the money away. Actually, I was always prepared (laughs), but they rejected me because I was English. For this reason, at a certain point, I decided that I would pretend to be an American: as soon as I got the role, I started talking again with my British accent. They looked at me in amazement and I: “Too late, the contract is signed!”

for Vanity Fair Italy,
photographed by Alexi Lubomirski