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if el doesnt call mike by his full first name when shes trying to tease him I cannot rest in my grave

El saying Michael would quite literally end my life. God can you imagine the sass she could bring to those two words.

Do you think that Karen has a fave?

ABSOLUTELY! It is very clearly Nancy, not that she doesn’t love Mike or Holly but her favourite kid is most definitely Nancy.

Do you still track #dailystrangerthings ?

Hi! Yes we do, we track #dailystrangerthings and #strangerthingsedit. Sometimes tumblr glitches and posts don’t show up in tags though, and if that happens you’re always free to submit the link to your post to us and we can reblog it from there! 🙂

Can we request for a certain member to gif something?

Of course! 🙂

guys very dumb q here sorry im new, how did u put links in ur bio? like under ur avi on the mobile theme, the description that reads navigation, team, etc. how did u attach links behind the words like in a text post cause it's not letting me do that when i edit the description u_u

hi! here’s an easy to follow tutorial on putting links in blog descriptions 🙂

When do you think the next season of stranger things should be set Christmas or thanksgiving I think Christmas would be v fun personally

It’s been all but officially confirmed that s4 will take place over Christmas! Rumour has it that filming is going to begin October/November of this year, which would fit with the winter/Christmas theme.

At the very end when the Russians were feeding the new demogorgon and they said "not the american" i got really excited bc we have no idea who that could be. What if it's another kid with powers??? What if it's Hopper(unless he got yeeted into the upside down, all I know is he's alive bc he didn't go kablooie like the Russians around him)????? Like the possibilities man!!!!!! They're endless!!!

Yeah, I really have absolutely no idea where they’re gonna go with this storyline but I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

(diff anon, but i also didn't like hop this season and:) i agree that hop has always been flawed and not comfy with feelings etc and i dont think he was wildly ooc or anything, but it kinda feels like we mostly saw his flaws with very little of his good qualities to balance them out? his behaviour towards joyce esp was really unpleasant to watch as he kept trying to initiate something she was very visibly uncomfortable with & i have a hard time reconciling that with what we saw of them in 1&2 :/

I get what you mean, I could have definitely used some balancing out of Hop in the start of the season. He was being pretty shitty to Joyce but also she did stand him up like the day before so it’s not like he was holding a grudge for ages or anything. But he definitely just felt a lot less balanced this season, I think just because we saw so much of his soft side last season because looking back at season 1 he was pretty similar to season 3.

Random thing I just noticed but Mike is always epic buddy TM with each one of the guys every season. Season 1: Dustin, Season 2: Will, Season 3: Lucas. I hope in season 4 Mike and Max become an awesome duo. I don’t ship them but they have a lot of similarities and differences that could compliment them and make them great friends

I feel like Mike, of all the characters just kind of works really well paired with any other character, dynamic wise. He really bases his whole personality around helping the people around him, he likes to feel needed which makes him a pretty good fit to help out Max with losing her brother. He thrives when he has something to plan or work towards which I think would really work well with Max’s just go with it philosophy, like we saw with Lucas and El. 

Hi! I was wondering if you'd be interested in reading a stranger things fanfic I wrote? (It does include an oc) If you don't I totally understand! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Always!! Can’t promise I’ll get around to it soon but I’m always up for some quality stranger things content