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David Harbour photographed by Christian Anwander for Esquire Magazine.

David Harbour photographed by Miller Mobley for Style Magazine Italia.

What’s it like working with the super talented cast and kids that you have on the show?

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David Harbour photographed by Leigh Keily for British GQ

About Stranger Things, set for a third series in July, he says that he knows where the story is going for Hopper and that it’s “very beautiful”.

“Hopper is, above all, a man of justice and he will end up a man of justice. It’s satisfying, but not saccharine,” he says. All of which, frankly, makes it sound like he dies – but that’s drama Harbour would admire.

The actor had classical training, dropping the names of Achilles, Hector, Henry V, Coriolanus, Hamlet and Titus Andronicus into our chat. “You don’t hire me because you want The Rock,” he explains. “I’m more of a psychological actor.”

David Harbour

©Rich Fury // 2018 BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party – Portraits 


David Harbour and Kristen Bell attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards,  January 21, 2018.