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Are you okay?


I can never look away… 





what it means to say “i love you”

happy belated mileven day, and mileven week! here’s a small but soft edit for you guys! *:
(+ sleeping at last, ‘boy meets world’, and some pretty effects)


Mileven Week 2019: Day Four – Apocalypse OR

Mileven + ‘Doom Days’ by Bastille

There must be something in the Kool-Aid / Cruising through the doom days / God knows what is real and what is fake / Last couple years have been a mad trip / How’d you look so perfect? / You must have some portraits in the attic


She’s gonna flip some tables / I’m gonna move this tale on / We’re gonna rabbit hole down,  third act love now / We’ll be the proud remainers / Here ‘til the morning breaks us / We run away from real life thoughts tonight


When I watch the world burn
All I think about is you
When I watch the world burn
All I think about is you


you’re the most important thing to me in the world. 


November 7th, 1983 (36 years since Mike and El met)

Dustin: Without you man, we’re just three idiots who play d&d together.
Lucas: You make us a family.
Mike: Well, I’m the cool rebel brother.
Will: You’re the mom.
Dustin: Mother.
Lucas: Mom.