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season 3 bloopers.

season 3 bloopers

if el doesnt call mike by his full first name when shes trying to tease him I cannot rest in my grave

El saying Michael would quite literally end my life. God can you imagine the sass she could bring to those two words.

I love her and I cant lose her again


Finn x Millie, by Zoey Grossman.

maybe it’s just me, cause I was really looking forward to seeing Dustin and Steve’s interactions again, I didn’t think that this season was that slow and I honestly thought it was one of the best ones yet

Honestly I’ve really turned around on this season, I like it the more I watch it (third time now). I think the first time round, much like Mike I was struck with intense Mileven panic and depression so I didn’t really appreciate the first half. Having said that story wise the start of the season was a little weak but it was the same with seasons one and two and it’s really the characters and incredible aesthetics that carry the initial build up. Can’t believe I haven’t said this already but damn that mall set was absolutely incredible and the costume designer is a genius.


Stranger Things + 80s movie quotes.