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Congratulations to the Stranger Things cast for their Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series and Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama Series.

And congratulations to David Harbour for his Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series.

Stranger Things Season 4: Here’s How Many Episodes We’re Getting:


Stranger Things Season 4 will have eight episodes!

Stranger Things Season 4: Here’s How Many Episodes We’re Getting:

Stranger Things Season 4 will have eight episodes!

Congrats to Stranger Things for winning Best Horror/Thriller Streaming Series at the 2019 Saturn Awards


Listen to two synthy new tracks from ‘Stranger Things’ season 3 score:

The full tracklisting for ‘Stranger Things 3 – Original Score From The Netflix Original Series’ is as follows:

‘Boys And Girls’
‘I Like Presents Too’
‘Blank Makes You Crazy’
‘I Need You To Trust Me’
‘You’re A Fighter’
‘The Ceiling Is Beautiful’
‘The First I Love You’
‘What Did You Do To Him?’
‘Find The Source’
‘The Silver Cat Feeds’
‘Destroying The Castle’
‘In The Void’
‘Portal Drill’
‘Happy Screams’
‘It’s Just Ice’
‘The Door Is Opening’
‘Planck’s Constant’
‘She’s Gone Home’
‘Seven Feet’
‘The Week Is Long’
‘Sauna Test’
‘Six Facts’
‘The Trees Are Moving’
‘On Their Tracks’
‘Not Chinese Food’
‘Land Deeds’
‘Not Kids Anymore’
‘Code Red’
‘Feel Safe’
‘He’s Here’
‘Scoops Troop’
‘We Don’t Understand Each Other’

It’s almost time! Stranger Things 3 premieres July 4th, 2019. 

‘Stranger Things’ Star Thought Fan Video Was A Season 3 Plot Leak:


Q. Was that lightsaber handshake in the trailer from the script or you and Joe [Keery]?

A. That was me and Joe. They asked us to come up with a quirky handshake that we both would rather enjoy. We came up with this backstory ― that Dustin had all the current “Star Wars” movies that were out on VHS, and that Steve was over one day, and Dustin said, “We need to watch these.” And Steve was not on board at all. He was like, “I’m not a nerd. I don’t watch this.” And then he fell in love with “Star Wars.” That’s the backstory we created, that Dustin made Steve into a complete “Star Wars” nerd. And we created that handshake in like 10 minutes. We’re like we need to incorporate this somehow. There are so many ’80s references, but there aren’t a lot of “Star Wars” references in the plot.

Q. What can you tell us about Steve and Dustin?

A. Our relationship stays intact. We’re still super close friends, and I’m excited for people to see how much the relationship grows. I feel like the way we’ve always described it, especially in the second season when the relationship is first introduced, is Steve is kind of Dustin’s brother figure that he’s never had. There was never that older male figure in his life. Single mom. There’s not much backstory on that, but I assume that she’s been a single mom for quite a while, probably as long as Dustin can remember. He’s an only child. He doesn’t have any siblings. The only guys he has are the boys in his group, and I don’t think that really registers with the guys in the group.

Q. What can people expect from Season 3?

A. Well, there’s a lot of action. It’s honestly quite scary. I think it’s scarier than the previous two. I think there’s a lot more body horror element to Season 3 than there was [before]. Actually, it’s a lot more gory than the first two.

Q. What would you say to people who think Billy is going to be the monster.

A. He’s never been put in a good light.


New Stranger Things 3 photos & details from Entertainment Weekly

Hopper (David Harbour), rocking a Magnum P.I. look complete with ’stache and occasional Hawaiian shirt, is struggling to raise telekinetic teen Eleven, who’s now in a relationship with Mike. “It thrusts him into a discussion with Joyce [Winona Ryder],” says Harbour. “She’s able to offer me some advice on how to deal with being a single parent and how to, like, you know, stop being so damn controlling.” Unfortunately, parenthood has not been kind to the sheriff’s fitness level. “This season, Hopper does a lot of really big, like, action-y things,” says Harbour. “But he’s fatter than you’ve ever seen him and less capable of hurting people, but a little more capable because he’s just like a big elephant.”

The surprising bromance of Steve (Joe Keery) and Dustin will also get plenty of screen time. “You definitely see more of that,” says Matarazzo. “That’s what I really like about Matt and Ross: They know what fans like and they roll with it.”

‘Stranger Things’ Season 3: release date, trailer, plot, theories and more:

When Will Stranger Things 3 be set?

  • Producer Shawn Levy said that the next installment of the show is likely to be set a year after season two’s conclusion – so, during the summer of 1985.

Brief plot details

  • the show will extend past Hawkins in its third season. “They’re going to have to get the fuck out of this town,” co-creator Ross Duffer told Vulture in an extensive interview back in summer 2017.

  • they’ve shut the door on the Mind Flayer, but not only is it still there in the Upside Down, it’s very much aware of the kids, and particularly Eleven. It had not encountered her and her powers until that final episode. Now, it knows that she’s out there. 

  • Hopper’s fatherly relationship with Eleven will become more complicated as the season unfolds.

  • we’ll see more of Steve and Dustin together in the new season! “In season two, it was all very cute and there was a funny factor to it because it was unexpected, but now that it is expected, I want to see them connect more and be more familiar with each other,” Levy told Glamour. “I want them to have a connection like they’ve really had a connection for a year – like they’re brothers.”

  • “We’re going to give Will a break,” Shawn Levi said, “We’re not going to put Will through hell for a third season in a row. He’ll be dealing with stuff, but he won’t be at rock bottom the way we forced the amazing Noah Schnapp to play.”

  • Gaten Matarazzo has teased how long Stranger Things could last in a new interview with The Telegraaf. He said: “I know that [with] Matt and Ross, their goal is not to go as many seasons as possible…It’s to go until they finish their story, and I’ve heard the magic number is either four or five. We just finished up three – three is not the last one planned.”