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#wheeler siblings to the rescue 


You wanted this! No, I didn’t want this. I told you to stop drinking. Bullshit!
No, it’s not bullshit, okay? Bullshit! No, it’s not bullshit, Nancy. No, you.

+ bonus


There it is, ladies and germs, the second lie of the evening.

What happened? What do you mean?

Lucas + his camouflage bandanna throughout the seasons

nancy and jonathan throughout season 3

1×06 // 3×04

Hey, don’t worry about it. Okay? He’ll come crawling back to you in no time, begging for forgiveness. I guarantee you, him and Lucas are, like, totally wallowing in self-pity and misery right now. They’re like, “Oh, I hope they take us back!”. God, what I wouldn’t give to see their stupid faces.