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Stranger Things Appreciation Month : Day 18 – Headcanon → Stranger Things/It crossover AU where Mike and Richie are twins, and Richie is at the quarry with Mike and Dustin when El shows up to save them from Troy. 


stranger things month: day 20, favorite sad/emotional scenes


stranger things month | day twenty-four
↳ free choice | season 3 wishlist

the year is 1985…


stranger things appreciation month | day twenty four: free choice
↳ “we really are best friends, i feel like.”


stranger things month | day

24: free choice

the sinclair’s


stranger things month: day twenty-three,

favorite villain/monster

“ It’s like a compound. It’s like a play on words. Okay.


stranger things month: day twenty-two, favorite family dynamic
→ jim and jane hopper

“ Hey, it’s me.
I know that I’ve been gone too long and, I just, I want you to know that it’s not about you and it’s not about our fight.
Okay? Something came up, and I will explain it all when I see you.
I just I want you to know that I’m not mad.
I’m just sorry.
About everything. I don’t want you to get hurt at all.
And I don’t wanna lose you.
Just make sure you heat up some real food.
Not just Eggos.
And I want you to eat all the peas, even if they’re mushy and gross.
And I will be home soon. ”


#stmonth third week: day four
favorite season two outfits


Appreciation Month – Day Twenty-Four: Free Choice – Scenery/Cinematography


stranger things month | day twenty four: free choice
the cast