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@therealcalebmclaughlin : Sag panel with the A.V. Club❤️

David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown and Maya Hawke on stage at Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Q&A (January 11, 2020) 

The Stranger Things Cast attends Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Q&A and Reception at Pacific Design Center on January 11, 2020 in West Hollywood, California.


sadie sink for kate spade new york holiday campaign


Millie Bobby Brown + looks throughout 2019


Merry Christmas to everyone! 
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“I remember him, like I really fell in love with him. He is such a kind person. I fell in love with his soul, and everybody on set saw that he was so sweet. He’s specifically so nervous, so anxious, and that’s what makes him, him. You know, a very talented person. So, you know, my first impression of him, was like, “Woah! He’s so talented!”

-Millie Bobby Brown


Merry Christmas!


Maya Hawke photographed by Clément Pascal for Port Magazine (November 2019)


December 23th, 2002

Racism, stereotypes, sexism, homophobia. All these problems are still going to be there, but what’s cool about having three million followers on Twitter is that you have the power to tell people that there are problems in the world and how to help. Go on a march, sign petitions. Having that power is really cool. It might be nice to be cool, but it’s definitely cool to be nice. I’m not really sure that I’m a role model yet, because I’m not exactly old. But it’s cool to have kids looking up to you.“