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I wanted to be a part of the group, not a part of some joke.

Stranger Things 3 || Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

Somethings wrong.

Happy Stranger Things Day! | November 6, 1983

It was a seven. What? The demogorgon. It got me.

See? Pretty.

Dustin Henderson.
It is your small, curly-haired friend?
Oh, curly-haired.
Great hair.
Kind of like a ‘fro.
Where is he? He’s long gone, you big asshole.
And he’s probably calling Hopper, and Hopper’s calling the US cavalry. They’re gonna come in here, commando-style, guns a-blazin’, and kick your sorry asses back to Russia.

oh girls just wanna have fun

2×08 // 3×01

Target acquired. Where? Ten o’clock, Sam Goodys. Give me that. Shit… duffel bag. 

Evil Russian.