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Mike Will Lucas Dustin

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Dustin: Without you man, we’re just three idiots who play d&d together.
Lucas: You make us a family.
Mike: Well, I’m the cool rebel brother.
Will: You’re the mom.
Dustin: Mother.
Lucas: Mom.


“Something is coming. Something hungry for blood.”

HAPPY STRANGER THINGS DAY ▸ November 6th, 1983


¡ʎɐp sƃuᴉɥʇ ɹǝƃuɐɹʇS ʎddɐH

To celebrate, I made some simple Will Byers Icons- from Season 1-3, hope you like them!

  • 42 Will Byers icons in various colours
  • 200x 200 pixels
  • Icons can be found on my icon page on under the cut!
  • If you save, or use, please like or reblog!

Thank you!

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The roll, it was a seven.

Happy Stranger Things Day! November 6, 1983


nov. 6, 1983 | the vanishing of will byers + the opening of the gate

last year will didn’t get lost in the woods. he got lost somewhere else.

season 3 bloopers.


Happy Stranger Things Day! | November 6, 1983

It was a seven. What? The demogorgon. It got me.